Not every broker provides top quality services and best opportunities for traders. That’s why it’s necessary to look for one proper for you very carefully. One of the very reputable brokers is named easily Arena-Options. One of the main advantages of the platform is an unlimited access to trading education, top notch copy trading, and portfolio management for any trader. The platform opens opportunities for a new generation of investors for reaching their financial goals easily.

The platform cannot be called a new one in the market, while it was established in 2015. Since then, it offers effective analytics, education tools, training, and the greatest customer support.

It is transparent and can be accessed easily, and its interface is very user-friendly. The Robert Shearman traders do not pay any hidden fees, while all the trading process is open, and you are aware of all the fees beforehand. Moreover, you can even see the performance of other traders.

Arena Options Payment Options

Arena-Options took care both of corporations and individual traders who can open an account on their platform. The minimum deposit for the individuals is $10 or 0.25 Bitcoins, and $1.000 or 1 Bitcoin for corporations.

The minimum withdrawal is equal for everyone, it is $100.

Various deposit methods are another advantage of that platform, so traders from any country can choose the one proper exactly for them. The deposits are possible through debit and credit cards, Visa and MasterCard. The deposit amount is up to $5.000 per day via one card. The deposit can be done easily in the My account-Cashier section of the website.

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It takes up to 3 business days to withdraw your funds from ArenaOptions. You can do it directly to your debit/credit card or to your bank account. However, before requesting withdrawal, your account has to be verified, so don’t forget to provide the broker with all the necessary documents for them to be approved.

How to withdraw your funds? Log in to your live trading account, choose the currency and the amount, click the Withdraw button, and voila!

Arena-Options Services

Arena Options ensures a wide range of services to its customers, including trading, investing, copy trading, and even training. The services provided can be considered one of the best in the market. Visual and interactive analysis seems to be well done. One of their key features is transparency of all the services provided.

Traders are entitled to enjoy greatest graphs, which is much better than simply staring at data.

Copying pro traders would be a good choice if you don’t have enough trading skills or simply do not have time for trading yourself. You can be sure to find the information on any of the pro traders on the site and choose those you consider to be the best for you.

Arena-Options provides a unique option Information to its traders. The platform provides analysis of the performance of all trading accounts and displays the best accounts’ trades via an Open Trading System.

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In case the account’s win rate is over 70% within certain time, it can be qualified for Open Trading System. The minimum amount of trades performed with that account can’t less than 200 in one month. In case the win rates fall below 70% or the number of trades falls below 200 in any of the months, the account will be removed from the list of the most successful accounts. In case the same indexes are gained again, the account can be included to the Open Trading System again for the next month. The traders, who are the members of the Open Trading System do not pay any commissions.

You can also use mobile version of the platform for performing your trades on the go.

Customer Support

Arena-Options customer support can be reached though the phone or directly through the site contact form. There is no live chat option provided, but the staff is very good in responding. It takes less than one minute to get an answer from customer service professionals. So, don’t be afraid to get in touch with them in case you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions.

Arena Options Commissions and Fees

Arena-Options doesn’t charge traders for deposits or withdrawals. However, there might be a commission of your bank, so find this out before starting trading. The charges for deposits are covered by the platform, but the bank fees on withdrawals are covered by traders.

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Arena-Options is a pretty young broker in the market. Despite that, it offers a great range of top services to traders all over the globe. Not only binary options services can be found on the platform, but latest news in the trading world, as well as some other interesting information is at your disposal. The educational materials are provided for free to the beginners in trading.

The Payday Loan platform doesn’t charge its fees for withdrawals and deposits, and the withdrawal process is hassle-free.

A great customer service is one of the top features. Everything is very transparent, what is probably one of the best advantages of that broker.